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To help to reduce waiting times, consultations are by appointment.


However, unwell animals will always be seen on the same day.


We allocate a fifteen-minute time slot for our consultations, which allows adequate time for a thorough clinical examination of your pet and for you to discuss your pet’s condition with the Vet.

Free Nurse Clinics

Our qualified nurses are happy to provide free consultations on the following subjects:


  • Dental check ups and advice


  • Parasite control


  • Nutrition advice


  • Weight control


  • Behaviour clinic


  • Socialisation


For more information, please contact our reception on 01354 652246.

Hospital Inpatient Care

If your pet requires hospital inpatient care, they will be settled into either our isolation ward, hospital ward or surgical ward, depending on their condition. Amical has hospital kenneling facilities for over 46 patients.


Veterinary nurses care for hospital inpatients under the supervision of the veterinary surgeon. They carry out a joint hospital ward round at least twice daily. Dogs are walked regularly in our private garden for exercise and to allow toileting. During normal working hours, we have a veterinary nurse permanently in our hospital ward attending to our inpatients’ needs.

A veterinary nurse conducts a night check late evening to walk dogs, check drips, medicate and ensure the health and welfare of all patients. The night duty veterinary nurse does not stay on the premises throughout the night. However, a critical care patient will have one to one nursing for as long as required.


At Amical Veterinary Centre we carry out surgery under sterile conditions in our theatre, with our veterinary nurses monitoring patients with the aid of monitoring equipment, both during and post operatively.


We highly recommend pre-anaesthetic blood tests prior to any surgery to highlight any potential problems.


Elective surgery is carried out on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Admissions are between 8:00am – 9:00am on these mornings. Emergency surgical procedures are carried out as soon as possible on any day as required.



Find out here the extensive list of facilities, services and equipment available to us here at Amical Veterinary Centre 

Emergency Out of Hours

Emergency Out of Hours

Ensuring help is always there, find out what you need to do should you have an emergency out of hours 

Could your dog be a lifesaver?

The Pet Blood Bank is just like the human blood service, but for pets!


They run donation sessions across the country where you can bring your dog to give blood and help save the lives of other dogs.


Amical Vets is a venue for the Pet Blood Bank

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